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Books by Ed Wells

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(Sample chapter to be posted soon)

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   Dr. Wells also authored Royal Rubies of Redemption -- a manuscript of 15 powerful, full-text sermons designed to inspire preachers, teachers and lay witnesses with a renewed appreciation for Christ’s atoning sacrifice, and a keen sense of urgency to reach as many as possible for Him as the day of His return approaches. Here is the preface to the book, in Ed’s words --

   “The title sermon of this book, "Royal Rubies Of Redemption", was preached at Asbury College in 1957 during my tenure of teaching there. I have since preached it in various places with a gracious response. It is the only sermon which I have repeated by request, and each time I repeat it, its priceless and timeless truth thrills my own heart.

   The other sermons, most of which have been used in radio ministry, cover a wide variety of subjects.  

   It is my hope and prayer that lay readers will find these sermons a source of instruction for and inspiration to greater service, and that ministers will find them a fountain of creative reading from which will flow a stream of sermon ideas to make their weekly task easier.”

Here are a couple sample chapters from Royal Rubies of Redemption for your use --
Chapter 2, Signs Of The Times

Chapter 3, The New Year And What It Brings

(Building of this page is ongoing, to feature books written by Ed Wells, including excerpts from published and unpublished manuscripts)

Check back soon!

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