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Music Notes1
wells_of_salvation songbook

A great item for gifts, special music, youth leaders, directors of children’s ministry, and collectors!

40 pages

38 songs

$10 for one songbook,  

$18 for two songbooks,

We’ve heard one of the children’s songs performed on a national Christian TV network.

We’ve discovered the book for sale on Ebay

We’ve heard the songs sung in many churches

This is vintage material, but with timeless messages. Ed Wells wrote and published these songs in the 1950s and performed them over the course of his 57 years of ministry. They have clearly made their mark and blessed thousands in the Christian community through the years, even without the benefit of mass marketing. 

Song titles include:

  • Heavenly Father Watch Over Me
  • Tears In The Manger
  • Our Treasures Are All In The Sky
  • He Lifted Me Out To Stay
  • What Could I Do
  • Without God
  • Star Of Eastern Skies
  • Echoes From Calvary

...and several children’s songs and choruses with motions and instructions for the kids, including:

  • The Monkey Chorus
  • The Kangaroo
  • Possum
  • Sunday School Round-up
  • A Child’s Christmas Wish

Due to limited stock of this original publication, songbook sales are limited to no more than two (2) per order.

Until we automate the ordering and payment process, please use the order form at this link: WOS Songbook Order Form

Please email us at wellsofsalvation@info.com to request our U.S. postal mailing address

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