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Ed Wells’ Personal Testimony

        As an 11-year-old boy, I was convicted of my sins and convinced of Christ’s ability and willingness to forgive me. It was a glorious day in my young life, and I was possessed of the opinion that everyone should know Jesus! 

        While I, like Peter, walked afar off for 2 or 3 of my teen years, I returned to a closer walk. (The afar off incident was the result of the inconsistencies evident in the lives of so-called saints, a fact that I still recognize as being a stumbling block to young Christians.)

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        After my willingness to forgive, but not overlook, I entered Bible College. As tongue-tied as Moses professed to be, I found that the Lord loosed my tongue, and I was convinced that He did it that I might speak to His glory. Thus began my ministry.

        Whether pastoring a small congregation, teaching at a Bible college, or serving as an evangelist, I always had the approach of an evangelist. I’m sure my church members would say that my years with them made up one ongoing revival meeting.

        How much the Lord has done for me. How much more I could have done for Him. Daily, I receive His blessings; and daily I am still trying to share these with the world!

                           -- Ed Wells, 20 April 1995

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