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Inspirational Poetry by Ed Wells, page 2

All I Need To Know
Another World
Be Ye Ready
By His Stripes
Care Package
Christ For All
Come Holy Spirit With Your Fire
Day’s End, Day’s Beginning
Faith For His Day
Fret Not
God’s Business
Healing Hands
Humility In Action
It Will Matter!
Light And Shadow
Love Yourself Like Gold
Not As Men Did
Stream Of Mankind
Take Heed Lest...
The Blest And The Rest
The Church In Our Day
The Glory Of It All
The Gravity Of The Situation
The Great And The Small
The Heavenly Road
The Hill Dweller
The Hills Of Hope
The Light

Ed Photo for Bio

The Path To Paradise
The Pattern For Peace
The People Who Refuse
The Prophet And The Truth
Through Questions To The Answer
To Build A Man
Tune In
Two Sets Of Values
Two Tiny Trees
Two Views Of God
What Man?
Wind Me Up

church country
cross glowing
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