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Nostalgia, Humor and Other Themes

This is our newest page -- stay tuned and watch it grow!

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The Old Home Place -- ‘Home’ isn’t just a place -- it’s a time

A Rural Church -- You’ve seen them...closed, abandoned...what memories they hold!

A Perfect Pair -- The magic between a boy and a creek!

Remember -- A tribute to his wife on their 47th wedding anniversary

A Baby At The Hower House -- For his wife’s 68th birthday

Asleep At A Wake -- Where is John Jones today?

Belshazzar -- Step on the scales, your highness...

asleep animated gif

Promotion Or Demotion” -- Full circle! Sometimes ornery kids grow up to parent wild children of their own!

The Reason For Our Insanity -- Throw God out of public life, then wonder why public life is disintegrating.  Duh!

The Time Machine -- Wishing for the best from the ‘good old days’

Night Thoughts -- What motivated the poet to burn the midnight oil...

Loneliness -- ...the haunting companion who shadows us...

Three Limericks -- “Sheepish”, “Dan’s Plan”, and “Naturally”

The Squirrel” -- Ode to a furry friend

Empty Well -- ...when the words won’t flow...

Maids Of Poetry -- The color of inspiration

The Modern Church -- What happens when we walk away from the truth

Fatigue -- ...and coming home to a warm fire...

That Earth Might Have Bread-- A tribute to farmers

To Cheer And Feed The World -- From a little seed...

Breathing Room -- When it gets too crowded in the city...

The Working Man -- In tribute to the ones who make our country great

Plains -- An ode to President Jimmy Carter’s home town


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